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This third and final part of our update on schools and students following the pandemic and outbreak of Coronavirus, contains information and guidance on your visa and immigration options and requirements.

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This information is a “live” document which means that changes could occur at any time and in response to the infection rate. The Nathanson Partnership will continue to monitor the rules and update you.

PART 3 – What are visa options are available to international students?

International students have not been able to return or start their academic year since the outbreak of COVID-19. Some have not been able to return to their home country where parents have preferred their children to remain in the UK instead of risking the flight home and contracting or indeed spreading the virus.

The government has published guidelines specifically on quarantine arrangements for boarding school pupils travelling from red-list countries to attend a boarding school in England.  All pupils travelling to the UK must adhere to the UK’s travel legislation.

  • Boarders who are ordinarily resident in the UK, on a child student visa or student visa, who have travelled from or through amber list countries (and have not been in a red country in the previous 10 clear days), are exempt from the requirements to quarantine and take a day 8 test.
  • Students between 11 to 17 years old must provide proof of a negative COVID-19 test prior to entering the UK on or before day 2.
  • Students 10 years old and under are exempt from this


It is important to note that if you are travelling from a Red list country you must be resident in the UK, this means that you have to have a long term visa such as a student or child student visa. This means that those coming for shorter periods which ordinarily would not require a student visa and would normally be admitted as a short term visitor to study for less than 6mths will not be able to travel to the UK due to the UK Covid restrictions. It may be viable to travel via an Amber list country  where you will stay for 10 days and then on to the UK but you will need to ensure that country also does not prohibit travel. The complexities of travel under Covid remain in place and we would recommend you contact an Adviser at TNP to discuss each case individually.


We would also like to take the opportunity to remind schools, students and parents that EU nationals must apply for student visas unless they received status under the EU settlement scheme. Unfortunately, the UK government did not offer any concessions to EU nationals studying in the UK. EU applicants may be able to use the IDV App when applying which does make the process slightly easier. TNP can advise and assist with all student visa applications and school compliance processes.


Regardless of whether you have private health care cover in place it is a requirement under the UK Immigration rules for all visa applicants (with few exceptions) coming to the UK for more than 6mths to pay the Immigration Health Surcharge. By paying this fee you will be granted full access to NHS medical treatment.

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Bee has more than 18 years’ experience in UK immigration and nationality law and has been advising businesses that have been expanding into the UK or growing their UK presence or workforce.