Graduate Trainee visa (Global Business Mobility)

This visa allows you to do a job in the UK that is part of a graduate training programme that leads to a managerial or specialist job. As part of the training programme, you are able to do a work placement in the UK. Graduate trainee workers must have worked for their sponsor overseas for at least 3 months before applying.

What are the requirements for the Graduate Trainee visa?

Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS)

You will need a valid CoS from your employer who must be a licenced sponsor for the UK with a start date of no more than 3 months after the date of application.

Do an eligible job at a required skill level

You will need to do a role that is on the Home Office list of eligible occupations at the required minimum skill level which is at least RQF Level 6.

Salary requirement

Each occupation on the eligible list has an individual “going rate” which is a minimum salary for the role. Applicants must earn a salary of £23,100 per year or 70% of the “going rate” for the occupation code, whichever is higher. The going rates can be found on the Home Office list of going rates for eligible occupations.

Financial requirement

In order to meet the financial requirement, applicants must have at least £1270 of funds that they have held for 28 days unless they are applying from within the UK and have lived there for 12 months, then they will not need to meet the requirement.

Which documents do I need to apply for the Graduate Trainee visa?

In order to apply for the Graduate Trainee visa, you will need to provide a certificate of sponsorship, proof of savings, a TB test (if required) and evidence of working for your overseas employer such as payslips and bank statements.

Additionally, you will need details of your graduate training programme and perhaps a valid ATAS certificate if you are doing research for instance.

How much does it cost?

The visa application costs £259 and the healthcare surcharge payment is £624 per year.

How long can you stay on this visa?

Applicants can stay on this visa for up to 5 years in any 6 year period and this includes any time spent on the other Global Business Mobility visa routes. This visa is not a direct route to settlement, but individuals can switch to other visas that do lead directly to settlement.

What can you do on this visa?

On this visa, you can work, study and volunteer. You can also bring your partner and children as your dependants.

Please contact us for any guidance or advice on this visa route.